lord huron are a band that I was excited to see live when they came to town for a show at the local casino. After hearing about their new album release and watching some of their music videos, I knew I had to go see them. The concert was everything I hoped it would be and more!

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What to expect at the lord huron concert

If you’re looking for a high-energy show with some great songs, the lord huron concert is definitely worth checking out. The band played all of their popular tracks, including “Laughing,” “The Ghost Inside,” and “Give Me Back My Heart.” In addition to the music, the performance was very lively and exciting, making it an enjoyable night out.

The set list

The show began with “The Weight” off of Lord Huron’s newest album, Lonesome Dreams. The band played this song as a precursor to their newer songs. Next up was “So Now What?” The crowd went absolutely wild for this one, and it showed in the energy they brought to the stage. The band then played “The Boy With the Thorn In His Side” which led into another newer song, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.”

One of my favorite songs off the new album was performed next, and it was “Time To Die.” This song has a really cool, bluesy vibe to it that I loved. After playing “Time To Die,” the band transitioned into one of my all-time favorite Lord Huron songs, “Blood Red Summer”.

This song is just so catchy and upbeat, and it always brings a smile to my face when I hear it live. They followed up Blood Red Summer with another new song, “Distant Star.” Both of these songs are really well written and I can’t wait to hear them again on tour.

The last two songs of the first set were fan favorites, and they did not disappoint. First up

Review of lord huron

If you’re a fan of indie rock, you’ll want to check out lord Huron. The band played at the Fillmore Detroit Friday night and boy were they worth the ticket price. Lead singer Ben Schneider’s vocals are powerful and emotive and the band’s overall sound is refreshingly original. Highlights of the show included songs from lord Huron’s three albums as well as some tracks from their upcoming fourth album. Schneider even took time out during the show to speak with fans after one song, answering questions about the band and their music. If you’re in the Detroit area, don’t miss lord Huron when they come back to town early next year.

Lord Huron Tour Dates

The Lord Huron concert was a great experience. It was my first time seeing them and they did not disappoint. I would definitely go see them again. They played a great mix of old and new songs.

Photos from the concert

Photos from the lord huron concert can be found on our blog. Click the link below to check them out! We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Lord huron

Review of the Lord Huron concert!

If you’re a fan of alternative rock, there’s no excuse not to check out Lord Huron. Formed in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, this band has quickly gained a reputation for their engaging live shows. On September 14th, I had the pleasure of attending their performance at The Fillmore Detroit and let me tell you, it was worth it.

The show began with a short acoustic set from lead singer Ben Schneider and drummer Jarrod Gorber. It was great to see them play some old favorites like “The Ghost of You” and “The Wanderer”. After the acoustic set, the band came on stage to an electric audience that was ready to rock. They kicked off their set with the hit song “White Flag”. From there they played a mix of older hits like “Time Is Ticking Out” and newer singles like “Weather Systems”. The crowd interacted with Lord Huron throughout the entire show, singing along and dancing to their favorite tunes.

If you’re looking for an energetic alternative rock concert that will leave you feeling energized, Lord Huron is definitely worth checking out. Their live shows are always exciting and full of energy,

Concert review

If you’re a fan of alternative rock, then you need to check out lord huron. The band is new, and their music is refreshing and original. They played at the Fillmore Detroit last night, and the energy in the venue was electric.

lord huron opened the night with an energetic set that included some of their new songs as well as some of their classics. The crowd was into it from the start, singing along with every song. The band’s sound is a mix of alternative rock, folk, and blues, and they really put on a show.

The only downside to the night was that lord huron didn’t play too many new songs. But even though they didn’t play too many new tracks, they still managed to pack a lot of energy into their performance. If you’re ever in the area and want to see an incredible performance by a up-and-coming band, then lord huron is definitely worth checking out.

Lord huron tickets

Looking for a great concert experience? Look no further than Lord Huron! This band is sure to put on an awesome show and you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re a fan of the acoustic sound or love their heavier material, Lord Huron has something for everyone.

The band’s newest album, Vessel, is a great example of their diverse talent. On the album there are songs that are heavy and fast paced, as well as slower, acoustic tunes. If you’re looking for a concert that will keep you entertained from start to finish, Lord Huron is the perfect choice.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today and prepare to have a blast at Lord Huron’s concert!

Lord huron tour

The Lord Huron tour is coming to a close soon and we have had the chance to see them live. They are an amazing band and their music is so unique. We highly recommend checking out this tour if you haven’t already. Tickets are still available and they are going fast!

Lord huron amazon

If you’re looking for a band that can rock your world and make you feel all emotional, then Lord Huron is the band for you! The four-piece from Toronto played an intimate show at the Sinclair Theatre in March and boy, did they deliver. With their catchy tunes and powerful vocals, Lord Huron pulled out all the stops to ensure their audience had an amazing time.

From the first notes of “The Ghost Of You” to the final note of “Light And Day”, Lord Huron kept the energy high throughout their set. Songs like “Colours In The Dark” and “Walking On A Dream” had the crowd singing along with every word, while slower songs like “Island” allowed frontman Ben Schneider to showcase his incredible vocal range.

No matter what Lord Huron played, everyone in the audience was engaged and on their feet dancing. It was truly an amazing experience to see these guys live and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for an awesome concert experience!

Lord huron

The band Lord Huron was amazing. I would definitely recommend seeing them if you get the chance! The concert was very well organized and the sound was excellent. The band played a wide variety of songs, from classic rock to modern pop. They were very talented and their voices blended well together. Overall, I had a great time at the concert and would definitely Recommend it to others.

The show

The lord Huron concert was amazing. The band played all of their popular songs and some new ones which were really cool. They also did a really cool light show which added to the visual experience. The only downside was that the sound quality wasn’t great, but other than that it was a great show. I would definitely go see them again.