Over a week after LG announced the global roll-out of its G5 flagship smartphone, the company has unveiled version 5.0 of its mobile user interface. Based on Android Marshmallow, the new LG UX 5.0 will not only be available on the G5, but upcoming LG smartphone models as well.

The LG UX 5.0 includes an LG Friends Manager app which the company says is the highlight of the new UI. It lets you easily connect your G5 to its Friends (accessories or modules) – not only it detects the accessories, it downloads and installs all the required apps from the Google Play Store as well.

“LG Friends Manager generates a different display for each LG Friend. When paired with the 360 CAM, the screen on the G5 will display photo previews and the available shooting modes,” LG said. “The Friends Camera Album in the Gallery enables users to categorize and manage images captured with LG Friends such as 360 CAM and Rolling Bot.”

The new UI also includes enhanced support for G5’s camera, bringing features such as pinch-based zooming, Auto Shot – enhanced Gesture Shot for selfies, and Multi View – the ability to capture different angles of images at the same moment using the front and rear cameras of the G5 and the LG 360 CAM.

One of the other key features the LG UX 5.0 brings along is the combination of Home Screen and the App Drawer, something which LG’s calling New Home. However, “users who prefer the traditional style can download the Home & App Drawer directly from the settings menu on the LG G5,” the company said.

There are also other features like upgraded LG Health, Always on, Smart Doctor, World Clock, File Manager, Quick Help, LG Backup, and Diverse Security Method for fingerprint recognition.

Here’s a video showcasing LG’s new mobile user interface and its key features:

“We analyzed the lifestyle of smartphone users to provide a superior mobile experience and greatly expanded the usability with LG UX 5.0,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “LG UX 5.0 and G5 were designed to provide an innovative user experience that reflects the needs of our most demanding customers.”

[Source:- GSMarena]