Image result for Know why students fail in CAT EXAMFailing in CAT for many is equal to not getting into IIMs or reputable B-schools. As a result, many people leave everything behind to succeed in CAT. But hard work does not always reward you. You cannot crack CAT with just hard work, you also need to do “smart work”. But many students fail to realize this, and starts preparing for the CAT as a regular exam which ultimately affect their CAT Result.

They believe more the numbers of hours worked, higher will be the percentile. Although this is true to some extent, entirely, this does not always happen. What happens is that how much you are smart enough to know your strengths and solve those questions, then you can easily get the desired result more often than not.

Here we have with us some of the main reasons as to why students fail to get the desired result.


For many students, CAT exam is the last chance for higher studies. As a result of which they take so much pressure while writing this exam and sometimes fall short of it. They don’t realize that there will be ample opportunities for them to succeed where they can show their true potential. Instead, they worry about the outcome, and this can become a hurdle for them. This hurdle then becomes stress and not everyone is used to in handling stress. Instead, be calm and composed and make small goals. Try one step at a time and then definitely, you will reach your target.

Leaving everything behind

People appearing for CAT exams are either final year students or people who are working. These people due to CAT pressure tend to leave every work behind. They believe that higher the numbers they study higher will be the output. This might be true in graduation exams, but not for the CAT. Although you need to be focused and dedicated for CAT exam, you should not be doing just CAT. You need to have an equal balance of studying and doing your regular chores. For working professionals also, you need not take a break from your work or resign from it. Just manage your hours and avoid doing time-consuming activities. Utilize your weekends well and build your base for the exam. Dedicate enough time regularly so that you do not lose the rhythm. Plan your activities according to your comfort and stick to it!


As CAT exam focus largely on aptitude and English skills, many people tend to believe they can nail it easily. The aptitude section has topics which were taught to you till 10th standard. But this does not mean they will be that easy. Many students fail to realize this and it is during the exams they find out, how hard it is to solve the questions. This also results in not building a proper strategy for the exam and thus you don’t identify your strengths. Rather you just attempt this like a normal exam and get failed. The best strategy is to practice mocks from trusted sites and take each mock seriously. Know your potential and work towards the weaknesses. Do not be overconfident until you get the results.

Does not understand their potential

Most of the people apply for CAT with a motive of getting into top B-schools. But very few know their exact potential. These people themselves tend to shoot in their foot. Without knowing your true potential or worth, you cannot achieve anything. For CAT solving the questions correctly is as important as leaving the right questions. Nobody will solve all the questions, not even the 99.99 percentile guy. But he will make sure is he does not miss out on his strong questions. For this, he will leave some questions behind and this is what many students fail to understand. When you do not waste your time in questions which are your weakness, you tend to get more time for solving the questions which are your strength!