Karnataka: Education department asks schools colleges to stop plastic use

The Department of Public Instruction has issued a circular asking all educational institutions to ensure there is a ban on plastic on campus.

The circular comes after the minister for primary and secondary education, BC Nagesh noticed that plastic usage is still rampant on campus despite a Karnataka government order on 11 March 2016 banning single-use plastic.

The circular states that it has been observed by the minister that single-use plastic in various forms was in use on campus. Even during his visits to the campus, bouquets wrapped in plastic, banners and pamphlets and cutlery were being used on campus.

Currently, there is a ban on the use of plastic items such as cups, papers, spoons, banners, flags, or any product that is made out of thermocol. Karnataka had imposed a ban to curb the production of dry waste, mostly comprised of plastic items that could not be recycled or re-used.

“On the basis of the order that the state government passed, no educational institute will use carry bags, cutlery, and other items made of plastic during any events organized,” the circular reads.

The circular has been sent to deputy direction, administration to be enforced in schools and colleges across the state.