Alleged iPhone 6 SE box: side view

Did you hear the joke that iPhone 7 has so few new features that it’s really an iPhone 6 SE? Well, get ready not to laugh because there’s photographic evidence that this may be an actual model name.

The pics reportedly come from China and show no obvious signs of Photoshopping (which doesn’t preclude skilled Photoshopping).

Most specs on the back of the box have been wiped out, so there’s no easy way to tell if this is just a followup to the iPhone SE or if it’s what the rumor mill has been calling “iPhone 7.”

Alleged iPhone 6 SE box: side view • back view • manuals

The iPhone SE was unveiled this March, just a few months ago. Is it too early to replace it? Perhaps not, given that it’s reskinned 5s hardware, but we think buyers will be pretty upset if their shiny new 4″ iPhone becomes obsolete half a year after purchase.

Based on the amount of white-out on the back, we’re inclined to call this one a fake (why conceal things like RAM, storage, camera, etc. if they are not a dead giveaway that this is a shopped iPhone SE box?).



[Source: GSMarena]