You hate it when you see your office colleagues getting promoted, or grabbing a managerial job with higher packages. You work hard along with working smart but still lag behind in your career goals. Admit it, that you asked yourself thousand what I should do to acquire those skills, to get a job profile and a suitable designation.

The Problem

You are learning through your work experiences and escalating toward managerial role but a MBA graduate is specially trained for such roles and responsibilities. Even though you have practical knowledge, s/he is a preferred candidate as they have learnt through a structured course and have theoretical knowledge.

The Solution

Pursue MBA. The only best way to gain such skill is to learn in a systemic process of pursuing MBA from a recognized University. GRE, GMAT or CAT can be your life savior.

How GMAT Can Help You?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test conducted round the year at various test centers globally. CAT score is only acceptable in India whereas GMAT score is acceptable all across the globe, which means GMAT opens lot more options of b-schools and universities for you.

The score of GMAT Exam is valid for five years which is quite a long time for you settle down and take a wise decision towards doing an MBA or EMBA, PGP, or Ph.D.

GMAT Preparation

As you are a working professional, you have lot of other commitments towards your job & family. So, it’s better to opt for an online course to prepare for GMAT. It will help you to prepare at your own pace.

Joining a classroom program would not be that effective as it is time consuming and costly too.Byju’s GMAT preparation tablet can be the best solution for you. One of the main advantages in Byju’s tablet is convenience. You can sit at home, relax in garden or travel to office – you can always browse through study. You can learn on the go!

BYJU’s video lectures are specially designed and delivered as per the GMAT Syllabus. Another major advantage with tablet learning is that you can skip and jump to the lecture of a particular topic you feel you are weak in. It makes your preparation more effective and less time consuming. If you feel you are strong in quant then focus on other topics, which is nearly impossible in a classroom as you have to wait for your trainer to start other topics.

GMAT Exam Structure

GMAT syllabus consists of four prime sections –

  • Analytical Writing – 30 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning Section – 30 minutes
  • Quantitative Section – 75 minutes
  • Verbal Section – 75 minutes

Don’t be afraid by reading the above mentioned topics. You must be asking yourself, “Will I comfortable enough to answer the verbal section?” But before doubting yourself any further, go through the following demo video lecture on GMAT Reading comprehension rules are techniques from BYJU’s.