ICSE board  class 10 exams are around the corner, and class 12 exams have already begun . This time of the year , students are experiencing a wave of nervousness and haste and desperately trying to score high in their exams. The key to scoring high in ICSE Board Exams is systematic preparation in the right direction.
In 2015 ICSE class 10 board exam , 1,49,087 students had given the exam and ,98.02% was the total pass percentage. 97.30% of the boys had passed the exam , and 97.78% of girls had passed the exam. In 2016 ,  2,12,567 students are expected to give the exam. Competition is on the rise.

With class 10 exams about to begin towards the end of the month , it is imperative that students know how to remain stress free and relaxed. Go through the following steps in order to understand how to stay positive and thereby ,make the best use of what you studied :

               Keep ICSE syllabus as reference

  • Keep the ICSE Syllabus as reference and make a list of the topic from which questions were most frequently asked.  At this time when days are running out , students must make note only to revise important topics and not waste time trying to study new topics at the last minute.

                Refer ICSE standard books

  • According to advice from experienced mentors and teachers , it is always better to refer the standard text books of ICSE , rather than referring too many guides. Numerous guides are available today , but it will only create confusion and wastage of time for the students.

                Solve sample papers and previous year question papers

  • It is imperative that students solve maximum number of ICSE Question Papers and at least previous 10 years question papers so as to get a clear idea of the ICSE board exam pattern. Many a times , the same questions have been repeated in board exams. So, it will be a very wise practice by students to practice maximum number of question papers.

                   Revise what you have learnt thoroughly

  • At this time , when you only have time to make those topics what you have studied earlier , stay etched in your mind, it will be a wiser idea not to attempt studying anything new at this point . Keep revising what you have already learnt and try to score maximum marks.

                Make use of your visual learning capability

  • Especially at this time , in order to retain all that you learnt in your mind , it is best to learn using block diagrams , flow charts and diagrams. Videos related to each concept is the best way to retain them in your memory for the longest time.

ICSE board exam is a highly significant event in a student’s life and should be approached with complete sincerity and hard work.  The ICSE result for class 10 & 12 is expected to release in May, 2016.

Good luck to all students. Stay tuned with Byju’s for more information on ICSE exam.