HTC has scheduled an event for the 19th of August in New York City, hinting at a product launch. Our first guess is that this will be a Nexus tablet as rumors have long suggested, but it is possible that HTC will also show off a Windows Phone handset during the event.

Whatever the agenda is for the event, we’ll keep a close eye on it to bring you the latest as it unfolds. The Nexus 8 was originally expected to be unveiled during the Google I/O, but we didn’t get to hear about it. Considering that it’s almost been an year since the Nexus 7 was announced, it’s safe to assume that a refresh is on the way.

The HTC Volantis or the Nexus 8 as we know, is expected to feature a design similar to what we’ve come to see in recent HTC smartphones. However, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to prove this, so we’re taking that with the customary dosage of salt. Either way, make sure you mark your calendars for the 19th of August to find out what HTC has to offer.

[ Source :- Thedroidguy ]