Well, it seems like our mini smartphone market will get stirred up due to the appearances of many small handsets such as Apple iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7 mini and now HTC 10 mini…

htc 10 mini

HTC 10 mini with 4GB RAM to defeat all

After Apple iPhone SE, many other big mobile brands are said to be preparing smaller versions of their own flagship devices. That’s a whole new trend for smartphones this year. Specifically, we have already heard about Samsung Galaxy S7 mini and Xiaomi mini, and now it is another one from HTC called HTC 10 mini to join the race. Though, the company has not confirmed the name yet.

Being a little bro of the great upcoming flagship HTC 10 makes HTC 10 mini receive a lot of expectations in terms of specifications. According to some news sources, the HTC 10 mini specs will probably sport a 4.7-inch Full HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 chipset paired with the same powerful 4GB of RAM as the HTC 10. Moreover, the rest of the mini machine’s hardware will also be much similar to the HTC 10 specs. If so, it can become the strongest in its kind so far.

htc 10 mini

To be honest, we are glad that more sub 5.0-inch handsets are being considered and will come soon in the H1 of 2016. They are very handy and excellent to do any task we want. As we know, iPhone SE price starts from $400 and Samsung Galaxy S7 mini is predicted to cost around $450. So, you may wonder how much the HTC 10 mini will cost. Then, check out the next part now!

HTC 10 mini price and availability

Apparently, HTC 10 mini release date can be some time in September 2016, which shows that it obviously will have to compete with Apple and Samsung when they also introduce new models around that time. For HTC 10 mini price, we predict it can range from $450 to $550. However, let’s wait a bit more for the official announcement from HTC.


[Source:- Pricepony]