Instagram generates boundless fun and generally, it is about sharing our pictures and seeing other wonderful pictures. However, you cannot undermine the role of Instagram in social media. Businesses can certainly use Instagram as a powerful tool. Businesses can utilize Instagram effectively to boost website traffic. More traffic could easily be driven or diverted to your website thanks to this most popular social media site.

Chief Reasons behind Instagram’s Growing Popularity

There are four main reasons why Instagram has become a hot favorite with everyone. They are the following:

  • Instagram is all about Visual Marketing.
  • It is the Social Media Platform that is growing incredibly fast.
  • You will find most of the audience on Instagram.
  • Instagram is great for generating high-quality leads.

Instagram Effective in Attracting Traffic to a Website

Instagram has been used successfully by several business owners to drive increased traffic to their own websites. Here are some of the best ways of attracting more traffic to a website:

Your Bio Should Include a Website Link

Start by using the link effectively in your bio. This link should actually be used effectively for sending Instagram followers to the best location. This could be a home page, a blog page, a landing or lead page or a product page.

If you wish to precisely keep track of clicks, you could consider using a custom link. You should be directing traffic to this link present in your bio. If you really wish to boost traffic you could consider using calls-to-action in all your post captions requesting visitors to click on the given link present in your bio for getting them where exactly you wish them to be. Browse through for unique ideas for your account.

Use Fascinating Pictures

Use fascinating images. If you wish to connect with the users of Instagram, better start using top quality images only. Your products should be displayed as a part of an ambiance, not just by itself as a standalone item. You could consider using effective tools and filters for enhancing pictures so that they can gel well with Instagram. You can use a wide spectrum of pictures for highlighting your business.

Use Hashtags Wisely

The most effective way of generating exposure, and getting far more engagement, is by using hashtags on Instagram. Start by finding relevant and effective hashtags for your industry or business. Using too many is not a good idea. You could be using five to ten hashtags for each post. A winning formula here would be using a magical blend of diverse less popular and very popular hashtags.

Imaginative Videos Could Be a Crowd puller

If you are using imaginative and creative videos it is a guaranteed way of driving more and more traffic.  Demonstrate the actual side of your personality or your business through nice and creative videos. You could consider using how-to videos, offer greetings, answer some of the frequently asked questions, show some celebrations etc. These videos should be used judiciously for connecting to your audience. It would be best if you recommend that they should visit your website once for more information.

Exceptional Choice of Content

You should always try using the uncommon or really exclusive content. The offers and images you would be demonstrating on Instagram should never be promoted or displayed on any other site. People will flock to your website only if you promise to give something refreshing and new. They should have a solid reason to follow you. Share exclusive content along with interesting videos and pictures that followers could be getting to see exclusively on Instagram. More and more traffic would be attracted thanks to Instagram’s exclusive and tempting promotions, offers and discounts.

Author Bio: Denise Huntington is a social media marketing analyst and a blogger. She recommends for all your Instagram solutions.