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Chemistry is one subject that can get a bit confusing at times. While the subject deals with a lot of reactions, equations, experiments, calculation and concepts like Tyndall effect or ionic equilibrium it can be quite challenging for students to study this subject. However, studying chemistry can be really easy if it is done in the right way. You can do a few things like fix a proper study time, focus on clearly understanding the concepts and solve lots of practice problems. While these are just a few ways to tackle chemistry and its problems, we have listed out a comprehensive set of effective study techniques that will help you improve your ability to learn and study chemistry.

Be In The Right Mindset

Developing a positive attitude towards the subject is key to make it easier and interesting. You should also be persistence, disciplined, focused and ready to work hard to master the concepts. Besides, all chemistry topics cannot be learnt overnight.

Be Thorough With the Entire Chemistry Course

Now that you are determined, you should have a good idea about the entire chemistry course from the very beginning. You should go through the syllabus, learning objectives, table of contents, the preface, marginal notes, summary statements, etc. This will help you develop an effective preparation strategy for the subject.

Get The Basics Right

You must have heard this often but it is vital for you to first understand the basics right and then move on to the complex topics or problems. You should not miss the building blocks in each chapter. Another important thing you should do is make it a habit of learning and practising the symbols and the terminologies of chemistry often. In your free time, you can recite the definition and symbols of chemistry as well as make them a part of every study session.

Hit The Lab Often and Practice  

Chemistry mostly deals with chemicals and their experiments. Therefore, use the laboratory often as you will not only be able to test your hypothesis but at the same time gain a practical knowledge about certain things. Moreover, engaging in such activities will definitely help you get a clear picture of concepts talked about in different branches of chemistry like organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and more.

Past Papers and Mock Tests 

If you want to score better marks in the exams then having a good preparation is a must. For this, you can start solving past exam questions or attempt mock tests and these will help you get a good insight into important chapter topics as well as questions. This way, you will be able to study chemistry productively and perform well in the exams.

You can follow these useful strategies to study Chemistry effectively and stay ahead in the class. For more interesting content, students can check out BYJU’S YouTube channel and also learn about the different concepts in chemistry. You can have a glimpse of how BYJU’S app is changing the way students learn.