When making any sort of capital sale, be it on a house, a car, land, etc. one thing that pinches the most is the brokerage that one has to pay to the middleman or intermediary. You always wish that there was some way through which you could directly deal with the clients and avoid the involvement of the intermediary in the process. When dealing in sale of house or land, this may not be possible due to the extremely complex nature of the sale, but the secure home is pretty straight forward and therefore, the role of the intermediaries can be eliminated easily, thus making the deal a zero brokerage deal.

There are many ways through which a car seller can directly contact his or her potential buyers and strike a zero brokerage deal. Some of the ways through which the potential clients can be contacted directly are discussed below:

Local Advertising

This is an old way of advertising, but continues to be effective. Through this method you can inform the customers in your city about your intention of selling your car. These advertisements can be placed in newspapers or posted as classified ads. These advertisements also contain a lot of details about the car, as well as the seller of the car, thus increasing the interest level of the potential buyers or you can purchase Used cars in mumbai.


Sign Boards

If you think that you will be able to sell your car within your limited region, then you can always place a for sale sign on your car and display the car in your driveway or paste a pamphlet, detailing the terms of the sale, on the boards in your office or in front of your house. The reach of this method is very limited, but still can sometimes generate good results. Besides, since the inquiries that would arise through this method would be from close quarters, therefore, the chances of every inquiry being genuine are pretty high.

The Internet

However, if you do not want to restrict your customer base and wish to reach out to maximum customers in the hope of getting a really good and high price for the car, then you must make use of the internet. There are many online sites present which provides a platform where the potential car buyers can meet and car sellers. A few of these sites do charge a fee or premium when a deal is finally struck between two parties, but there are also a few sites which do not charge any fee in form for providing this platform to the buyers and sellers. Both the buyers and sellers can register themselves on these sites for free and get the contact details of each other from there. They can then contact each other directly and the role of the site would end just there.


Convincing The Customers

When you decide to sell your car without the service of any intermediary, then it becomes your responsibility to convince the customers about the qualities and efficiency of the car. For this you would need to get a fitness certificate and valuation certificate for the car. There are many online sites and dealerships which offer this service of car valuation and fitness certification against a nominal fee. Investment in this expense is important for getting a good price for the car. In the absence of these certificates, the buyer may discredit the efficiency of your car and ask you to reduce the demand price for the same considerably. Hence, to be in a strong negotiating position, you must possess these certificates along with all the other documents related to the car.

Elimination of the concept of brokerage payment in these buying and selling transactions is a concept which is appealing to both the buyers and sellers and therefore, they both like to interact with each other directly rather than through intermediaries. It is for this reason that the use of the internet for buying and selling of cars is increasing greatly. For obvious reasons, the brokers and middlemen are not happy about this trend and give many reasons trying to make this system sound inefficient. But the fact remains that people are enjoying and liking this zero brokerage system offered by the internet and it shall continue to grow in the future as well.