There aren’t many Facebook monitoring tools out there nowadays, which is quite surprising, especially taking into consideration how much it is used on daily basis. Fortunately, the team behind SecureTeen stepped up to the task and has offered Facebook parental control options in its app. This doesn’t really come off as just a tacked-on feature. A lot of effort appears to have been put into it, and it shows. If you want to keep an eye on your kid’s Facebook activity, then there is nothing better than SecureTeen. This solution comes with some amazing features that enable you to shelter your minors from five of the biggest threats on the popular social networking platform.


Internet predators have been around for quite some time, but their job has been made a whole lot easier by Facebook. Now they just look for complacent kids and try to establish friendly relation with them. They lure them in through an attractive profile of the opposite gender, or by offering some sort of gift to them, and kids being kids fall in for such traps. This is why you as parent should seek help from a monitoring solution like SecureTeen as it allows you to see when they are approached by a stranger and what kinds of messages they send, courtesy of Friends Alert and Facebook Chat Scan feature. This way, you get to know what kind of people your kids are talking to. If you see some shady characters trying to befriend your kids or having an exchange with them, then you can intervene and report that particular individual to Facebook or higher authorities.


It is another problem that has become widespread since the arrival of Facebook. People share all kinds of sensual messages through chats. If it isn’t stopped at the right time, then things only get worse. If you have an eye on conversations, then you can spot these messages before things could get out of hand.

Revealing Photos

Now that Facebook doesn’t offer any kind of privacy on profile and cover photos, it has become nearly impossible to stop your kids’ photos from getting misused. This is where SecureTeen’s Photo Scan feature comes in handy as it shows you each and every picture being uploaded on the platform by your children. If you suspect that any of the uploaded images could be misused, then you can ask your kids to take them down.

Bad Company

Kids interact with different people on Facebook and not all of them are good. Some of them make children believe that drugs, alcohol, and crime is the cool way of living the life, and they fall for it. This is why you should keep tabs on each and every individual that is being added on your children’s friend’s list, along with their conversations. This will give you a pretty good idea of the added individuals’ behavior and their agenda. SecureTeen helps you with that through Friends Alert, yes, the very same feature that helps you detect predators in time.

Inappropriate Posts and Shares

Kids love attention, and to get that, they have a tendency to go beyond what you’d consider appropriate and safe. This includes sharing controversial or politically incorrect status updates, offensive pictures, and much more. Fortunately, SecureTeen allows you to detect and deal with these shenanigans before they are able to do irreversible damage to your kids’ repute, security, and future.