Her Story is a rather innovative indie game, coming from the mind of developer Sam Barlow – best known as the writer behind Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It will be hitting Steam for Mac and PC, and the App Store for both iPhone and iPad later today. The premise of the game sounds pretty intriguing, but if that’s not enough – it has gaming critics raving about its complex, captivating story.
Her Story is an indie game that will keep you entranced until you solve its mysteries
The game goes like this – you are trying to uncover the truth behind a murder case from way back in 1994. Your only way to figure out what happened is to watch a series of taped interviews of a woman giving testimony. This may sound easy enough, but the problem is that these old archives are not exactly well sorted. You can look for videos via keyword search and that’s all. So, what you need to do is listen through the stories the woman is telling, figure out the important bits, and look for further interviews that elaborate on the words you’ve picked out.

A rather simple, yet brilliant concept that opens the door for a lot of intriguing storytelling, as well as plot twists. Fans of mystery and detective narratives will surely enjoy delving into the experience, trying to piece together the whole timeline that the story is based on.

Her Story should be available in the App Store in just a few hours for the price of $4.99.


[SOURCE- “phonearena.com”]