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Being one of the ancient games of human history, chess is still played by millions of people around the world. It is one of the most popular ways of entertainment which not only helps people spend fun time but also enhances and strengthens the mind and the thought processes. Chess is one of these board games that gathers family or friends together and helps them get the most out of their spare time.

No wonder so many chess championships and tournaments of various levels are held around the world. Chess has always been considered the game of the intellectuality as it requires high thinking skills that will help the players make the right strategic moves. It is said to have originated in India from the game called “chaturanga” in the early 7th century.

Many rules in the game might have changed but the core idea remains one: think and make the most logical and clever moves to win your opponent.

But chess is not just about winning or losing, it’s about enjoying the whole process of the game. It is the process that contributes to the strengthening of the mind and brings genuine joy. Moreover, your health can also benefit from playing chess.

There are a number of health benefits and knowing about them you just have no other choice than run to buy a chess set and start learning to play chess:

  • Brain Development: Being an intellectual game that requires thought investment, chess stimulates the growth of dendrites which are the specific bodies aimed at sending out signals from the brain’s neuron cells.
  • Boost of Creativity: Chess activates the right side of the brain which is responsible for human creativity. Playing chess your thinking skills will be, so to say, opened thus helping you have more creative ideas and thought processes. Chess, however, enhances the thinking of the left hemisphere of the brain too which is responsible for object recognition.
  • Better Problem-Solving Skills: As this game requires you to think fast and on the go, you start getting better at problem solving. It enables you not only get a grasp of quick solutions in chess but also in life.
  • Higher IQ: It goes without saying that an intellectual game such as chess would enhance the growth of your IQ and thinking skills.
  • Less Probability of Getting Alzheimer’s: Chess is like a workout for your brain that will keep “the immune system” of your brain healthy and strong against diseases. It will also prevent you from depression and anxiety.
  • An Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia: Schizophrenic patients at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience in Born, France were taught to play chess on a daily basis. This proved to be contributing to the improvement of their mental state. They showed better attention, planning and reasoning abilities and kept continuing to play the game even after the doctors were done with the study.
  • Improved Rehabilitation and Therapy Processes: People recovering from stroke or any other physically debilitating accident are recommended to play chess during the rehab periods. It can also be a therapy form for people with autism or other such developmental disabilities. Moving the chess pieces contributes to the recovery of physical skills while the game itself develops the communication and mental abilities. It’s also highly relaxing and calming.

If you still don’t know how to play chess or haven’t played it in ages, it’s high time to either start learning it or restart your practices. Invest some intellectual weight in your spare time, combine enjoyment with mental and health development, play chess and make good use of the time of your life!