Sometimes in life, you just have to spend an inordinate amount of cash on a massive 4K TV – and no one should judge you for that.

So if you’re going to break the bank with an extravagant purchase this Black Friday, consider the insanely discounted – and hugely popular – LG B7, which is now available at Currys for a bargain price of £1,349. It’s price-matched to £1,499 (from £2,999), but entering the code TV10 at checkout knocks a further 10% off the price tag.

  • BUY NOW: 55″ LG 4K OLED TV for £1349 (Code: TV10) – SAVE £1650

This spectacular LG television features a huge 55-inch OLED display, which means you’ll enjoy a wider colour gamut and better contrast. This television also supports High Dynamic Range content, so you can watch HDR TV shows and movies from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video.
It’s also a 4K television, so you can watch Ultra HD resolution content, which is widely available from sources like Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube.

This model runs on LG’s own WebOS software, and comes with four HDMI ports for maximum entertainment potential.

  • BUY NOW: 55″ LG 4K OLED TV for £1349 (Code: TV10) – SAVE £1650

We gave the LG B7 a very high 4.5/5 score in our review, praising the televisions’ unrivalled blacks and contrast, improved shadow detailing, vibrant yet accurate colours, and supremely low input lag.

Our verdict reads: “Improving upon LG’s already outstanding 2016 OLEDs, the OLED55B& is one of the best TVs you can buy this year.”