Google's new obsession could be high-tech teddy bears



The “smart” reality is set to kick in with the influx of new categories and Google wants to be a part of the establishment that is hell bent on taking smartness to all spheres.

And in order to achieve its goals, the search giant is now eyeing your soft toys, which could get transformed into something that we’ve never seen before. Proving this development is the fact that Google has actually applied for patents that gives them sole rights to fit in all kinds of gadgetry like camera, speaker etc. on the mushy teddy’s and rabbits.

According to reports, these stuff toys can be operated with help of Wi-Fi, thereby giving Google the impetus to enter a space, which no one has really thought about. Earlier this month, rumors have it Google is working on operating system which will focus on building the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and just maybe, they see toys being more than just toys.

The thought of stuff toys becoming smarter has that scary feeling, wherein it will be hard to gaze at them without fretting over their obvious powers. Having said that the proposition of smart stuff toys should be taken with pinch of salt right now, as in some cases, filing for patented technology doesn’t end up reaching the public. And by making the teddy smarter, kids might start liking them once more