Informal sport maker King doesn’t need to trademark the time period ‘Sweet’ anymore, however that isn’t stopping different firms from making an attempt to declare the rights to what most folks would acknowledge as popular phrases.

Now not content material with its present trademark for ‘Google Glass,’ the search large is making an attempt to trademark the more practical and singular phrase, Glass. So a long way, then again, the United States Patent and Trademark Administrative center isn’t shopping for Google’s gross sales pitch.

In a letter to Google dated September 2013 and just lately uncovered by using The Wall Boulevard Journal, the USPTO objected to Google’s utility. The USPTO argued that giving Google the trademark would result in client confusion and that the time period ‘glass’ used to be basically descriptive.

It’s straightforward to see how the time period glass may result in confusion with different merchandise that have the time period glass in them. The larger downside for Google, alternatively, is the recommendation that glass is in basic terms a descriptive time period considering the fact that descriptive or customary phrases can’t be trademarked.

Now not prepared to provide up with out a battle, Google’s felony crew replied to the USPTO objections with a 1,928-web page letter—principally consisting of information articles—arguing that Glass had got so so much protection that shopper confusion was once not going, theJournal experiences.

To get round the descriptive objection, the attorneys argued that Glass isn’t a descriptive time period given that Glass’s body and show aren’t even made from glass.

Border Stylo’s Glass emblem.

The USPTO hasn’t made up our minds whether or not or now not to settle for Google’s argument but, however at least one firm has already objected to Google’s trademark software. Border Stylo, makers of a social browser extension referred to as Glass, issued an objection to Google’s trademark closing December.

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