In the next version of Android, Google could bring new gesture-based controls that do away with the back button in the UI. Android Q is slated to be unveiled during google I/O next month.

Android Q

Android Q

Google’s upcoming mobile operating system, Android Q, is slated to bring with it a host of updates. Leaks and rumours suggest some big ticket features such as a system-wide dark mode and 3D Touch-like pressure-based input. However, there are some other basic changes too that may be coming to Android Q which promise to fundamentally change how we interact with the OS.

Reports suggest Google is looking to revamp the gesture-based navigation system found in the existing versions of Android OS. Currently, Google uses a traditional three-button layout which was available on older versions of Android.

But in the next version of Android it could bring a system where users will be required to swipe from the left or the right side of the screen to go back instead of the current layout.

As per XDA Developers, the new gesture control hasn’t yet been fully enabled but gives Android users the ability to go back by swiping on either the left or right side of the screen. If rolled out as part of a stable build of Android Q in the future, this would represent another feature that has been inspired by iOS.

iOS currently has similar gestures where users can slide their finger from the left-hand side of the display to trigger the back action. However, considering any Android phones come with a variety of skins with differing features and ways to opening app drawers, this new gesture control could interfere with it.

Regardless, of how it affects user interactions for Android’s partner phone makers, these new controls would definitely signal a major overhaul for the Android UI which we’re not sure is the best idea for Android at the moment.