Google recently announced that it would pause all Flash content on Chrome browser’s webpage to help save laptop battery life. The company now seems to have acknowledged several complaints from Mac users to make the browser as efficient as Safari on OS X.Google’s Senior Software Engineer, Chrome UI team, Peter Kasting in a Google+ postconfirmed that the company is working to address all issues reported by Mac users on Chrome. “One of the big complaints about Chrome currently is that it’s a battery hog, especially on Mac where Safari seems to do better,” said Kasting. The changes are expected to first arrive in Chromium before being made live for OS X users.

He listed several cases where the team was working to improve the Chrome user experience for OS X users. Some major changes include renderers for background tabs now get a lower priority which earlier had same priority as foreground tabs.

On a Google search results page, earlier Chrome suffered 390 wakes over 30s and used 0.3 percent CPU usage compared to Safari’s 120 wakes over 30s and just 0.1 percent CPU usage. Now, Kasting claims that there have been 66 percent reduction in both timer firings and CPU use. Chrome is claimed to incur now 120 wakes over 30s and 0.1 percent CPU usage.

While searching on, Chromium incurred 768 wakeups over 30s and consumed 0.7 percent CPU while Safari saw 312 wakes over 30s and saw just 0.1% CPU. Now, Kasting notes that Chrome has 59 percent reductions in timer firings and 70 percent reduction in CPU usage. “Chrome is now incurring 316 wakeups over 30s, and 0.2 percent CPU use, on par with Safari at 312 wakes, and 0.1 percent CPU use,” added Kasting