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Google has been on a mission to make its way into the living room for years. The Nexus Q, Google’s futuristic digital media player from 2012, was perhaps the company’s first big push into the connected home space, though the device never actually made it to market before getting discontinued. Then in 2013, Google debuted the Chromecast – a small, affordable media streamer that’s become one of the most popular Google-branded products to date. But with the debut of the Google Home connected speaker, the search giant is trying something a bit different.

Google Home is meant to be a jack-of-all-trades device. You can speak to it, ask it questions, tell it to add things to your grocery list, play music through it, and even tell it to turn off the lights. It can even talk to your Chromecast, Nest Thermostat and a few other IoT devices to make your life a bit easier.

But is this a device you actually need? We’ve been using Google Home for a few days now, and there are some things you should know before running out and buying one right away. Here are our first impressions on the new Google Home.

Build quality is great, for what it’s worth

You probably won’t be carrying around your Google Home too often, but it’s worth noting Google’s new smart speaker is very well built. Yes, it’s made mostly of plastic, and it may look a little like an air freshener, but it blends in quite well no matter which room of the house it’s in. It doesn’t really look like a speaker, either, especially compared to its biggest competitor, the Amazon Echo.



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