Mobile Version Gets Voice Search Support on Android

Google has quietly added the voice search functionality to the mobile Web version of on Android. It will allow users to search on using their voice, something that has been surprisingly absent until now. Also, Google is yet to enable the same for iOS users. According to an online report, the voice search support in mobile version is currently limited to Chrome and Edge browsers on Android, it is seemingly not appearing on other browsers like Firefox, Opera, and more.

9to5Google, which was first to spot the voice search function on mobile Web version, reports that the voice search can be accessed by tapping the grey mic icon now present in the Google search bar. The icon appears both on homepage as well the search results page. Tapping the mic icon opens a full-screen interface that says Speak Now, which is changed to Listening once it detects audio input. The page also shows live transcription similar to Google’s other voice-related implementations. It is important to note that the first time you use voice search on the mobile version of, the browser will ask for certain system permissions, depending on whether the same haven’t already been given. The 9to5Google report notes that the feature started rolling out the users sometime over the past week.

google mobile voice search Voice search

Voice search on mobile version

We have independently verified the rollout of voice search on in Chrome and Edge browsers on Android.

Google already offers a number of way to perform a voice search on Android, including via its own Android app and Google Assistant. Regardless, this is another avenue for the Android users to avoid typing and just search for what they need.

On iOS, where the mobile version of still doesn’t provide the voice search support, the users can use the official Google app, Google Assistant app, or even the built-in voice input support in the Gboard application to perform a voice search.