Guide showing off her Girl Guides badges

Girl Guides of Canada and BlackBerry have now joined forces to launch a new Digital Defenders program aimed at encouraging interest in the cybersecurity industry among young girls while providing valuable skills and knowledge on how to navigate the digital world through age-appropriate content.

DigitaL Defenders badgeSource: Girls Guides of Canada

The ‘Digital Defenders’ activities aim to fuel girls’ interests in how cybersecurity technologies work but also gives them opportunities to discover possible pathways to future careers and to connect with women mentors in the cybersecurity field. Along the way, as with all Girl Guide programs, girls will build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, observation, and teamwork. Girls who complete the programming will earn a ‘Digital Defenders’ crest that they can proudly display to show off their newfound cyber-smarts.

The partnership was announced as part of the BlackBerry World Tour event being held in Toronto, which included a panel with Sarah Tatsis, VP, Advanced Technology Development Labs, BlackBerry, and Jill Zelmanovits, CEO, GGC discussing the program and its importance. Speaking on the announcement, Jill Zelmanovits, CEO, GGC noted:

At Girl Guides, we’re focused on empowering girls with the relevant skills that will help them soar. Girls have told us they want to know more about how they can protect themselves, their devices and their information online, so they’re prepared to navigate the digital world they live in and to learn about potential careers in technology. BlackBerry is an incredibly innovative cybersecurity brand and we’re thrilled to be working with them.

If you’re looking to learn more about Girl Guides of Canada or the Digital Defenders program, you can check out the Girl Guides of Canada website.