Samsung announced it’s latest flagships – the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge – at the just concluded Mobile World Congress. Set to go on sale next month, the devices will be available in 60 countries in the first wave of their global launch.

However, it has now come to light that some regions will see slightly different looking Galaxy S7/S7 edge units – the difference is in terms of the front Samsung logo, which appears to be missing in the Chinese and South Korean variants of the handsets.

South Korean variant on left • Chinese variant on right

There’s currently no information on exactly what’s the reason behind the move, although reports say it could be related to how “simplified and elegant” the devices look sans the front logo as well as the customer feedback Samsung received through its surveys in these regions.

Also worth mentioning here is that this is not the first time the South Korean tech giant has done something like this – back in April last year, the company dropped its logo from the Japanese Galaxy S6 and S6 edge units.


[Source:- Gsmarena]