Staying indoors is the need of the hour. The spread of Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing. As the number of cases are still on the rise, the lockdown measures continue. The scenario will remain the same till the Covid-19 vaccine reaches every nation. Trials are on and people are co-operating by adhering to the lockdown norms. Rummy lovers around the world rely on Khelplay Rummy to keep them busy in between work. Here we have listed out a few fun ways to pass your time in a fun way while staying home during lockdown:

Play Points Rummy During Work Breaks

Points Rummy is a short variation of rummy card games that ends in a single round. The winner of the game is decided at the end of each round of points rummy. This is what makes the game so much more interesting compared to other variations of rummy card games. Since the game ends in a single round, it takes much less time to play the game.

You can schedule points rummy sessions even during your short work breaks. It would be a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. It could make you more productive at the work you undertake. Rummy is a skills game. A diversion for the brain that enhances its existing skills will surely enhance your productivity at work.

Play Rummy Tournaments to Make Money

Staying indoors is never easy. However, if you are a rummy lover, Khelplay Rummy has lots of entertainment awaiting you. You can join the countless rummy tournaments that come up each season. If you really possess the rummy skills you boast of, this is the time to put those skills to action. Go ahead and join some challenging rummy tournaments. Beat your opponents with those complex rummy gaming tricks that you learnt. Winners are usually rewarded cash prizes in rummy tournaments. In some rare tournaments, gold coins and gadgets are also rewarded to the winners. So, what are you waiting for? Go and join the several exciting rummy tournaments on Khelplay Rummy. Beat your opponents and make huge sum of money online.

Learn Different Variations of Rummy Card Games Online

A true lover of rummy card games will never tire of playing his favourite card game. Khelplay Rummy is the idea platform for all the online rummy gamers. It is possible that when you frequently play the same variation of rummy games, you reach a stagnancy level. To avoid this, Khelplay Rummy offers several different variations of rummy for the players to try out.

When you tire of playing one variation of rummy, you just need to switch to another variation. Playing many different variations helps to improve rummy gaming skills. It also helps you think strategically keeping your brain alert and active.

Furnish Rummy Gaming Skills with Practice Rummy

Not everyone is keen on playing rummy games with money. Many people regard it as unethical and fail to enjoy the fun. This is the reason why Khelplay Rummy has an option to choose between real chips and practice chips. If you are not keen on cash gaming, you should choose practice chips. This will allow you to enjoy rummy gaming with the same fun without using any cash.

Practice gaming has several advantages. Playing rummy sessions help to destress. Apart from that, rummy playing also allows you to furnish your strategic skills. As you play more rummy card games, you learn how to plan out your moves strategically. This helps you become better at your favourite card game.

Learn Money Management with Points Management in Series Rummy Games

It is not wrong to say that rummy prepares you for life and its challenges. One of the major challenges that most people face is money management. This issue is resolved easily for people who have a grasp on series rummy card games. These are card games that do not conclude in a single round. The winner is decided at the end of a series of rounds. Players who are capable of keeping track of points in the hand find it easy to win such games.

Points management and money management are quite similar. In rummy, if you have more points, you are losing the game. In real life, if you have more dues, you are losing financially. That is why you can say that there is a direct corelation between the two. People who know how to manage the points in their hands in series rummy card games also know how to manage dues in finances. This ensures that such people are financially secure in real life.

Invite Friends to Khelplay Rummy Sessions Online

It is not necessary that you pass all your time alone on Khelplay Rummy. You can also invite friends from your rummy circles to join you and explore this platform with you. Khelplay Rummy is a great place to stay connected with other rummy lovers. Each time a friend you have invited accepts your request; you enjoy some referral bonus. Your friend who just joined Khelplay Rummy also enjoys some welcome bonus making it a win-win situation. You can also be a part of rummy tournaments alongwith your friends. This could be a great way to have all the rummy fun while staying indoors.

Expand Your Rummy Circles with Khelplay Rummy

Build on your rummy circles with the help of this unique platform. You can send invites to other rummy playing friends. You can befriend people on Khelplay Rummy who are competing you online. This is a great place to find likeminded people who enjoy Indian Rummy card games just like you.

Now that you are aware of the different ways in which Khelplay Rummy can contribute fun into your life during lockdown, download the app now. It is easy to install the app on modern smartphone devices as it is compatible with all modern devices. Now that you have this excellent rummy gaming app, no one can stop you from having non-stop rummy fun.