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One of the most popular ways to move heavy pieces of equipment in a variety of settings is to mount wheels on the device. The casters provide a simple solution to lifting and sliding heavy, bulky, or awkward items. From theater scenery to garage items to pumps and hoses, casters offer an appropriate solution to the task. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding on a specific model or type.


Every model of caster, including wheel, bearing, and support, is designed to handle a specific weight. When shopping for a replacement or new part, users need to take the capacity into account. Not only does safety come into play, but the longevity of the caster and the protection of the surface are factors as well.

Material of Construction

The material the wheels of the caster are made of also needs to be considered. A rubber lined wheel has a different purpose than a steel caster wheel; however, the environment of operation, from wet or damp to dry and hot, has a say in what type of material the ideal caster needs to be constructed from. Not only will the unit perform as desired, but the equipment will effortlessly be moved from one location to the next for a long period of time.

Mounting Method

The mounting method of casters varies from steel pegs to flanges to other types of fastening options. Flanged attachments are popular for casters that are likely to be repurposed, and other types of mounts are necessary for specific replacement options. In short, buyers should evaluate the specifications of the wheel being removed or the dolly being constructed.


Just about everything mechanical requires some degree of maintenance. While some casters are designed for years of performance with little or no attention, others require periodic oiling or greasing. With this in mind, users should decide carefully which particular option they will be selecting.

In the end, by taking into account the material of construction, capacity, and mounting options, shoppers can easily find the perfect solution for their needs. Every type of caster is designed to handle a certain amount of use and abuse, and finding the one designated to fit into a line of specifications is a matter of research and homework. Wheels make the world go around, and the right wheel can simplify life a great deal.