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For anyone who desires to enhance his or her website’s online presence, SEO offers the best opportunity. Those who have taken SEO seriously can attest to the fact that there is actually more to it than what meets the eye. Concentrating on a selection of keywords and stuffing them in your content is not enough.

What is SEO?

Everything involving research, high quality content, awesome videos and back linking is what is referred to as SEO. As a matter of fact, SEO requires expert handling with great understanding of your objectives and business.

What would make you spend on SEO? Well, studies indicate that 93% of any kind of online dealings starts with a search engine. As it were, you need to ensure that your website is highly ranked. This is due the fact that most of those who visit the internet do not go beyond the first three positions.  Although social network remains a strong SEO tool, search engines have beaten platforms including facebook by over 300% in traffic diversion. So, what does this mean to you?

How much do you need to spend on an effective SEO?

Have you ever had time to look at organic SEO services? If yes, then you may have realised that you only need to spend a few or several dollars every month for an effective SEO. Let’s figure out if spending more could mean top level SEO services.

If you can take control of your own SEO and only wish to have some guidance or a review of your site, it is likely that you will only require an intervallic hourly service. However, this may not be less costly if you really want to achieve the best results.  As such, any renowned and qualified SEO counsel company could charge something to the tune of $100/ hour, while you will need to part with $50/ hour if you opted for a contractor.

Well, there are those who opt for a company on a particular service such as Google AdWords optimization or social media profile enhancement.  In this case, Search engine optimization companies will only charge a fee for what they do for you.

Another great way of telling how much you need for your site’s SEO is by use of the SEO calculator. You only to visit us at: to get started. Besides, you can do some comparisons on the charges of various services like yours with deals that could include them as well as other important services.  Looking at what other companies in the same business charge could also help you to determine your favourite SEO cost.

Most SEO companies have project pricing model such as email blasts, internet marketing campaigns and fundraising among others. In this case, if you have a firm that frequently utilises an SEO specialist for projects, then it is our bet that you understand how much you need to part with in terms of SEO cost. offers the best opportunity for you to get the actual cost of your Site’s SEO. The free SEO calculator will give you an insight of the amount of money you require in order to take your website to another great level.

Just like it is for any given business, being in the dark can hinder your efforts to move ahead. Thus, being oblivious of the nature of the returns can be disgusting. In this case, you will need a SEO firm that provides pay-for-performance services.

Bottom line: In order for you to optimise your SEO and work closely with a firm that emphasises on service and ROI, it is important to concentrate on quality the same way you do on the cost. Going for cheap services could be detrimental and therefore taking into account that you only receive what you pay for, can be a wise idea.