The guitar manufacturer Fender has launched its first ever range of in-ear headphones-sorry, Pro In-Ear Monitors to give them their full name-and they cost up to $500 for a pair.

There are five models to choose from, which range from $100 to $500 in price. They’re made by a brand called Aurisonics that Fender has recently acquired, and some of the new models are actually updated versions of existing products.

The cheapest set come with a semi-transparent grey casing, and are said to be suited to being “driven by a smartphone, making them ideal for offstage listening.” Meanwhile the more expensive models are cased in colorful metal frames, 3D-printed into a shape that was created by scanning thousands of ears. Fender claims that they fit “95 percent of ears like an expensive custom-molded monitor,” making them suitable “for long playing sessions.”

The guts of each of the headphones varies with price, so it’s worth investigating the range to find out which ones might be most suitable. Or you could buy a new guitar-your call.


[Source:- GIZMODO]