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While most gamers tend to approach a release with no pre-conceived notions or expectations, others focus on one thing: trophies/achievements. Ever since the objective-style accomplishments were added to games, players have dug deeper than ever before. Some even make it a point to 100% or ‘Platinum’ a game by completing every single objective.

But, on the road to Platinum there are typically a few obstacles – one or two trophies or achievements that aren’t as obvious or easy to complete. Far Cry Primal, for example, has a very standard set of Trophies, except one called ‘Kanda of Faith’ that may not be entirely clear to players.

Luckily, Game Rant has put together a helpful video guide detailing where exactly the Peak of Pardaku is located in and how to complete Far Cry Primal‘s Kanda of Faith trophy/achievement. Check it out below:


While the Kanda of Faith achievement/trophy is not difficult to complete, players may have some trouble finding the Peak of Pardaku in Oros. To be fair, the game does highlight the location, but only when you first discover it. After that, you would either need to know where the Peak is or consult a guide like this to find it again.

Location wise, the Peak of Pardaku is off of the center of the map, to the right. It’s not as far North as the snow-covered regions, but it’s north enough that the vegetation has started to brown a bit.

Once you’ve found the Peak it’s important to have the grappling hook gadget unlocked or else you won’t make it to the top. Use your Hunter Vision and you should see a series of handhelds for climbing up and eventually a few grapple points.

Then, at the top of the Peak, head towards the area above water and simply leap off. You don’t need to actually land in the water to get the achievement/trophy – simply jumping off will unlock it.

Aside from that, there isn’t much to the achievement. It’s mainly, as we mention, about finding the Peak and ascending to the top. Everything after that is fairly standard.

From there, it’s likely that players will be well on their way to 1,000 GamerScore or the Platinum Trophy. Both are easily obtainable in Far Cry Primal, as most of the other achievements/trophies are unlocked during regular play. Now get out there and tame some beasts.

Are there any trophies or achievements that are giving you trouble in Far Cry Primal? Do you think you will Platinum or 100% the game?


[Source:- Gamerant]