Major League Baseball starts another work week with a busy Monday night in the Big Leagues with 11 games on tap for tonight. With 22 teams in action, there are plenty of options to choose from as you put together your fantasy lineup. To help you find the players in the best matchups, check out these top ten batter vs pitcher matchups which can help you get your lineup assembled for tonight.

If you’ve played fantasy baseball for a while, you know that past success is no guarantee of future results. However, it is definitely one factor to consider when selecting your players on a daily basis. To help you find the most favorable head-to-head matchups each day, you can find our top 10 batter vs pitcher matchups here on FanSided as part of our daily fantasy baseball coverage. Each day I try to include a variety of teams and positions while listing the hitters with the best head-to-head record against their probable opponent.

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It’s time to get started with another week of baseball, so let’s dive right in to today’s top ten batter vs pitcher matchups.

10. Giancarlo Stanton-Of-Miami Marlins: Stanton has good lines against many of the opposing started he has faced lately which has resulted in a nice little hot streak for the Marlins slugger.  Tonight, I think he has a good shot to continue his recent roll as he faces Jason Hammel and the Cubs.  In his career, Staton is 5-12 (.417) with a double, home run, and a pair of RBI against Hammel.

9. Joe Mauer-1B-Minnesota Twins: Mauer and the Twins crushed the Red Sox in Minnesota last week and now come to Fenway to start their series with the struggling Sox.  Mauer starts the week with a good matchup against Clay Buchholz who he has hit at a 7-19 (.368) clip in the past the three doubles.

8. Adrian Gonzalez-1B-Los Angeles Dodgers: After dropping two of three to the Cardinals, the Dodgers head to Colorado to take on their division-rival Rockies.  Tonight, they’ll face Kyle Kendrick which sets up for a good game for Gonzalez since he is 7-18 (.389) with four doubles and three RBI against Kendrick in the past.