Since their inception, drones are increasingly becoming common and relevant to our day to day life. Today drones are being used for a myriad of activities such as capturing of photos and video from the air. Drones these days are being used to capture videos of events for a better aerial view. Photographers now have a reason to smile for it is now easy for them to take photos from angles that before was impossible to shot from. From the early beginnings of drone development for military purposes, the devices have really undergone massive modifications to benefit societies in different ways.

Drone for everyday application

Apart for the more controversial subject of drone use for military strikes and surveillance, drone use for non-combat civilian purpose is changing day by day.

Drones for wildlife tracking and wildlife tracking applications

People who are determined to see that endangered species are protected and preserved have turned to the use of drone to track these animals. Drones are very easy to use in the tracking of endangered animals that live in remote places where it is difficult for humans to move freely to. This makes it easy to carry out accurate population surveys on these animals without the need of having to be there in person.  For example, endangered wild animals that live in remote parts of the Himalayans like the snow leopards can easily be tracked by use of drones. Best GPS drones in 2018 can be used to quietly analyze changes in the habitats of such animals without causing any interference to them like human researches would do.

Organizations in different countries that are charged with the responsibility of looking after wildlife and ensuring their welfare have embraced the use of drones.  Poachers can now easily be tracked and apprehended by use of drones to monitor their illegal movements in animal parks. There are animals that are nearing extinction due to illegal poaching such as rhinoceroses, elephants, kudus etc. Even animal activists opposed to illegal whaling done by some unscrupulous people in the Antarctic regions can now easily perform easy surveillance on notorious whaling hotspots without having to go there in person. Some of those places usually have turbulent waters that can be very risky at times but with drones the work is easy.

People with large fields of crops can now easily monitor the progress of their plants from the comfort of their seat at their houses. Better still, the fact that drones give farmers and aerial view of their crops which they cannot see when on ground level, they can easily know the exact places where they need to apply pesticides. This is something that is helping to make farming much more efficient and highly productive in the end.

Big retail chains such as Amazon and Wal-Mart have are also pioneering the quest of using drones to help in facilitating online deliveries to their customers. The idea is still being debated and in the near future and when appropriate laws will have been made it will be a dream come can read more from