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E3 is still roughly five months away, but Electronic Arts has already revealed the date for the second year of its pre-E3 event, EA Play.

This year’s event is scheduled to take place from June 10-12, the weekend (and Monday) before E3 officially begins. It’s moving venues, as well: Whereas last year’s show took place right outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, 2017’s heads to the Hollywood Palladium. That’s about 20-30 minutes away from where E3 itself takes place.

EA Play will again steam live on EA’s website.

Last year’s EA Play marked a major departure for EA. The company abandoned its usual space on the E3 show floor and instead launched its own event that was open in part to the public (E3 is an industry- and media-only event). It still had its traditional press conference where it announced new games, but the rest of the time was largely devoted to allowing hands-on time with its games.

As is to be expected this far out, there’s not yet any word on what EA will have on display this year.



[Source:- Gamespot]