dr.fone iOS Repair is a suite of tools that can correct iphone crash and errors that may occur on an iPhone or an iPad without affecting the saved data. Broadly speaking, the dr.fone repair is available for Android, Windows and Mac. With dr.fone iOS Repair, you can correct all types of problems that may occur on your iDevice, such as the appearance of the iphone black screen. This tool has a very broad compatibility: all the iPhone devices are supported, from 4 to the new iPhone XS, iPad (mini, Air and Pro) and even the iPod touch of 4th and 5th generation. Through dr.fone iOS Repair you will also be able to update your iOS device in peace of mind and even clean it up from the jailbreak.

Let’s see, in particular, how to solve two of the most common errors that can occur in an iDevice and without losing data: the black screen of the iPhone. The black screen is a classic problem that is very annoying. Many iPhone users have no idea how to overcome this problem and even if they try to overcome it, some of them end up losing some data.

How to solve iPhone problems without losing data with drfone iOS Repair

– The first step is to download the software and install it on your PC, the procedure takes less than 5 minutes. The software is also available in many languages.

– Once the installation is finished, you will be able to boot up. The main interface will then be presented.

– The home is divided into several sections: Recovery, Transfer, Backup & Restore, Repair, etc. We will need the Repair tool.

– Clicking on Repair will start the download of the tool (do not worry; it will be necessary only the first time you start it).

– At the end, the repair will start.

– At this point you can connect your iPhone to the PC using a certified Lightning cable.

– Click on Start to start the device recognition procedure.

– If your iPhone works correctly, a page will be shown that summarizes the main information of the device: name, model, system version, serial number, jailbreak status and even the production date.

– If the version of iOS is not the most recent available, clicking on Next will start downloading and installing the latter.

– If your iPhone or iPad is locked on the Apple logo screen or stopped in recovery mode, a new window will appear from which you can select the correct model and the desired firmware.

– The download will start and, at the end, the fix will be applied, bringing your iPhone / iPad as new, keeping your photos, your documents and your videos.

dr.fone iOS Repair is one of the best maintenance software for your iDevice. Although technologies are moving faster and faster, it is always easier to run into operating system errors, which – of course – iOS is not exempt. Even more important is, in these cases, to preserve and avoid losing personal data, private information and photographs.

The UI is very user-friendly and this allows anyone to enjoy the potential of this software. The software is fast and does not use any system resources, except for the disk space required for firmware download – we recommend running the program with at least 4 GB free on disk.

Once you got the repair tool license, the annual validity or the version that guarantees a lifetime license is with you.