Dish's AirTV set-top box is now official with 4K and OTA streaming

AirTV comes packed with a Bluetooth remote that features convenient shortcut buttons to popular services like Netflix, YouTube, and, of course, Sling. A microphone is also on board for easy voice control when you need it.

The box also supports 4K streaming, so if you’ve got the it hooked up to a compatible TV, you can start streaming UHD content from sources that support it. Perhaps most interestingly is the AirTV’s support for OTA broadcasts when hooked up to an antenna. Any channels you pick up will then be integrated into Sling’s own channel guide, which is pretty convenient if you’re already a subscriber.

Dish, Sling TV’s parent company, is already selling the AirTV in two different variants on a dedicated AirTV website. If you plan on using an OTA antenna, the $129.99 configuration includes a necessary OTA adapter kit. Otherwise, you can pick up a $99.99 version that only works with Sling and other streaming apps. The OTA adapter will be available separately for $39.99 if you change your mind later.

Of course, Sling TV is available on a number of streaming boxes already, so it may be difficult for some to justify slotting AirTV into their setup. That said, the inclusion of OTA support may just be appealing enough for some to warrant moving to on all-encompassing set-top box for their entertainment needs.



[Source:- Androidcentral]