Destiny Raid Guide: How to Find All Monitors in Wrath of the Machine

Earlier this month Bungie started building hype for the looming launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron with an ARG called Owl_Sector. The ARG coincided with a game-wide infection that spread from player to player, and in the process unlocked more lore within the game. Then, after the launch of Rise of Iron and the elimination of the infections, the Owl_Sector ARG returned with more clues, this time hinting towards a big secret within the Wrath of the Machine raid.

That big secret keeping Destiny players up at night was the fourth monitor in the raid, which many presumed would help unlock the pathway to a fifth monitor (currently blocked by laser fences) and hopefully a big reward. Now, the secrets have been uncovered and we will explain how to find each monitor and unlock access to the hidden one.

1. Unlock the First Monitor

The first monitor is fairly easy to get to. Inside the Vosik boss fight arena head to the clean room in the upper right part of the room. There should be a broken down fan in the ceiling with enough space to jump through and up. Jump up through there and follow the path to the first monitor.

2. Unlock the Second Monitor

The second monitor is near one of the chests in the Wrath of the Machine’s main jumping puzzles. Head off to the left through an upper pathway into a room with big drums and pipes. Hop up to the left as high as you can and there should be a set of two connected pipes running into an enclosed tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the second monitor.


3. Unlock the Third Monitor

The third monitor is hidden into the side of The Wall and can only be accessed after completing the Siege Machine boss fight. Once the Siege Machine falls off the wall head near the end and onto a cinder block on the right side. Then, look at the side of the wall and you should see a piece of the wall that looks like it is falling apart. Shoot that section and pieces should blow off, revealing an opening. Enter the opening and follow the path to the third monitor.

4. Finding the Fourth Monitor

Opening access to the fourth monitor is fairly complex so make sure to read carefully. It requires a lot of communication amongst the whole fireteam and someone needs to understand binary to accurately complete the sequence. Keep that in mind, and let’s begin.

The first step is unlocking the sequence monitors, which requires standing on four platforms in the Server Farm’s main room – the one with the giant black diamond shape in it. To know which platforms to stand out, look at the diagram below, which features the back of the room as the top of the page. You will know you are looking in the right direction if you see the corresponding numbers (00, 01, etc.) on the walls.


5. Opening the Secret Room

Once that is done, two monitors inside the actual Server Farm will turn on. They are located to the right and the left of the center diamond on the room. If you are having trouble finding them re-enter the area and walk forward to the second diamond then turn left or right.


Now, with both monitors and four players still in the diamond room it’s time to jump on four different platforms starting with one in section 00, then section 01, then section 02, and finally section 03. If that is confusing think of it as going counterclockwise while looking at the entrance to the room.

The monitor on the left is going to be responsible for the row that a given player should be looking at, and the monitor on the right will tell that player which platform to jump on. In the diamond room you will see rows labeled 100, 200, 300, etc. and those are easier to think of as 1, 2, 3, etc.

Within each row there can be as many as six platforms, but they are not labeled 1 through 6. Instead the first platform (closest to the railing and the bridge) is platform 0 and the furthest away is number 5.

6. Binary Code and the Pattern

With the pieces in place, the team will need to assign one player to the left monitor and one to the right. The left monitor, once activated, will spit out a row number in binary, which must be converted to decimal, and the right monitory will spit out a platform number, again in binary.


However, if the team fails at any point the monitors will switch duties, and the left will be platform and the right will be row. We’d recommend simply letting the monitors reset again to return to normal, rather than keep switching things up.

Once the first row and platform sequence spits out, the first player must quickly jump on that designated platform. If done correctly a new sequence should appear on the left and right monitors and the next player (in section 01) should jump on their platform. Complete the pattern two more times and if everything was done correctly the diamond in the center of the room should lift up.

Within the diamond is a bunch of SIVA and a small cave. That small cave houses the fourth monitor and a chest that will give an exotic engram the first time you open it.

7. Defeat Aksis Prime


After finding the fourth monitor, all that’s left to do is finish the raid and beat Aksis, Archon Prime. Once Aksis falls head to the back of the boss arena and look over the edge. There should be a platform sticking out and that platform will lead to the fifth monitor, which is next to the laser fence hallway. If you’ve found all of the monitors up to this point then there should only be one laser fence left. Activate the monitor next to it and open the chest.

What’s in the chest? The final chest hides a SIVA Charge, which will start an exotic weapon quest. That quest will eventually give players the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime, but it too is a complicated one. For a guide on how to complete the quest and unlock Outbreak Prime, make sure to check back with Game Rant later today.



[Source:- Gamerant]