All of us don’t agree at least not out loud, but there is a part of us which is always curious about the history. And Delhi is a city that is designed to satisfy that innate craving to learn about the history. Delhi, the capital city of India proves that it is much more than politics and the extreme climate. The city will touch your souls which are engraved in its walls.

One doesn’t fall short on places to visit or dishes to eat in Delhi. The city is filled with monuments, each its own kind of beautiful with stories of war, loss, love or victory waiting to be told. It also houses some of the many UNESCO World Heritages.

When one talks about Delhi, one should not miss mentioning the cultural beauty of this place. The zeal and enthusiasm that people show during the time of festival are unbeatable, especially during Dusshera.

One can book a taxi in Delhi and roam around this majestic city. Some of the places that one needs to visit in this city are:

India Gate: This has been a symbol of pride and signifies bravery. This gate is also known as the All India War Memorial and is one the most prestigious monument that is present in India. Located at the end of Rajput, it is 42mts above the ground and is visible for one and all to see and realize the sacrifices that were given by the army. This monument was specially built and designed to honor all the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country.

Anyone visiting this place automatically feels the sense of patriotism and respect for the army in this place.

Akshardham Temple: This temple holds a Guinness world record. The record is for being the World’s largest Hindu temple. Akshardham Temple in a true sense best depicts the Indian Culture. One falls short of words to describe this place and the beauty that it beholds. It gives a beautiful experience to take for one and all.

This temple also houses some other attraction points inside the premises of the temple like the Circle of Life Musical Fountain, Lotus Garden, etc.

QutabMinar:QutubMinar is a soaring tower at a height of 73mts. This is regarded as one of the finest and best monuments that are present in India and was built during 1193.

The architecture of the place is picturesque and is a delight to one and all visiting this place. The architecture of this place represents the Tughlak and Aibak dynasties style. These dynasties had once ruled Delhi. What stands out most in this architecture is the red sandstone that has been used in sculpting first three storeys of this place. Whereas, the other two floors, are of marble and sandstone finishing.

One also needs to visit the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque. The mosque is famous for granting wishes of people who can successfully circle their hands around the big 7m high iron pillar that is inside the premises of this place.

Delhi also acts like a port to the city of Agra. At just 231kms away, this city has the world inside it. Agra was yesterday’s capital during the Mughal Rule and till date one can feel the royalty in every corner of this city.

The city is best known for the symbol of Love, TajMahal. TajMahal has been listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This city also houses many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. One can hire a Delhi to Agra one way cabs and visit this place.