The vast majority of enterprises are either using or experimenting with container technology, or they’re planning to make a transition, according to a recent survey from Robin Systems, a provider of containerized data platform software. Essentially, containers make it possible for enterprises to come up with a virtual server space for developers so they can work in isolation from production systems. This trend is expected to grow in the near future, as most IT professionals surveyed said their company’s investment in containers is expected to increase. Even if they use virtual machines to run databases, these organizations are often using containers on top of the VMs. When they run databases in containers, enterprises benefit from enhanced cluster consolidation and agility, along with reduced overhead, according to survey findings. “Containers are a natural platform for running performance-sensitive applications such as databases,” said Partha Seetala, the chief technology officer at Robin, “as they enable consolidation without compromising performance or predictability.” An estimated 200 IT professionals took part in the research.
[Source:- Internetnews]