Comcast, the cable television company that’s known for its reliable service and great customer service, will launch its own wireless service in 2017.

While Comcast has been rumored to launch its own wireless service for years, nothing has been confirmed until today. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at a Goldman Sachs event today, said that the company will launch its own wireless service offering by mid-2017 that runs on a combination of Verizon service and Wi-Fi hotspots. The wireless service launch is based on access included in a 2011 spectrum deal, which allows the cable company to sell wireless service using Verizon’s network.

As of right now details are scarce, though we do know the network will rely on the cable company’s extensive list of Wi-Fi hotspots as well as Verizon’s LTE network. Similar to howGoogle’s Project Fi handles things, the wireless network will likely switch to Wi-Fi hotspots or Verizon cell towers depending on which offers better service in that particular area.



[Source:- Android-Authority]