As the monsoon arrives, the commuter prepares to face roads clogged with chaos, delays, and inconvenience. Public transport will be affected the most, with bus schedules turned upside down. Haggling with auto-rickshaw drivers is itself a stressful experience, rain or no rain. However, non-vehicle owners who were once at the mercy of public transport can look forward to comfort in the monsoons as car-pooling a rental caroffersa convenient and affordable self-driving solution. Car-pooling is certainly not a new concept. A cost saving method, it is now making more sense in a city like Bangalore, plagued by congestion and pollution.  It has a positive environmental impact, and a car-pooling movement can change traffic scenarios for the better.

Beating the Monsoon Woes

Sharing costs and reducing liabilities is the mantra for saving on transport. A growing trend amongst the younger and aspiring demographics now is to mix this with a non-compromised approach to travel. Modern car rentals with specific city-travel and commute friendly plans are great options for those who seek comfort without too much commitment. Public transport has one at its mercy and the dilapidated road conditions that come with the monsoon results in loss of productive hours and unnecessary stress. Carpooling a self-drive car not only facilitates movement at affordable rates, but also provides the joy of commuting with friends, and singing along with the radio instead of stressing over reaching on time.

Smart and Affordable with Plenty of Options

For those looking for services that provide a car rental, Bangalore is a city with good choices. Rental services now offer affordable customised plans that can be made even cheaper when shared in a car-pooling model. It is not difficult to identify common arterial routes that colleagues or friends take on a day to day basis. Acquiring a rental car is even easier, as app-based booking makes it a hassle free experience. With rental companies now offering more variety of cars, consumers can choose from well-maintained hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. A luxury car is also an option for those special occasions.

Shared Costs, Uncompromised Experience

Companies like Zoomcar have created a new segment of transport options by blending the traditional car rental with cost sharing models. From co-owning to carpooling, self-driving has gone beyond the domain of vehicle owners and rigid rental providers. With the simple tap on a smartphone, the well-informed customer can get into his ride, pick up colleagues and friends and save on transport, all the while enjoying the freedom and privacy of a car owner.