$acc-lg$&fmt=jpegWhen it comes to most popular gadgets today, the Bluetooth speakers stand as a top favorite with élan. These wirefree speakers ensure an easy accession to your smartphone playlist without the need to dock the phone always. It implies that one would be able to control whatever he listens to anywhere while within range of speakers.

The Bluetooth speakers are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. From big bookshelf-like models to small portable ones, you can always find the most suitable option as per your typical needs. Moreover, the connecting range here would vary from one speaker to another. You will find speakers with a range of 30 ft while there are more advanced speakers that can reach up to 100ft.

However, irrespective of the make or size, all the Bluetooth speakers follow the same mechanism. Bluetooth is a popular wireless technology which allows mutual interaction between a couple of devices. In regards to Bluetooth speakers, a tablet or smartphone transmits a message to the speaker that deploys its in-built amplifiers & speakers for the desired playback. One of the major reasons that back the huge popularity enjoyed by Bluetooth speakers today is that the Bluetooth option assures much better audio quality compared to little in-built phone speakers.

It’s really easy to connect or pair your tablet /smartphone to your Bluetooth speaker. The entire thing is a one-time operation & most of the speakers would recognize the device while it’s in the range. Thus, once you have paired the two, you would simply have to turn on your speaker to listen to your favorite tracks. Be it stored audio or movie soundtracks or streaming music- you can relish anything with your Bluetooth speaker.

Here are some tips that will help you to buy the right Bluetooth speaker for you.

Reputed brands only

It’s advised that you do your shopping from reputed brands only as cheaper brands might reduce the rate but it would come at the cost of sound quality. Your Bluetooth speaker is a good investment in your gadget panel- make sure to have a quality one.

The size

Assess your needs first before deciding on the size of the speaker. If you are a proactive person who is always on the go, portable small speakers that snug neatly inside your backpack would be a great choice for you. If you don’t need to carry them, a bigger option would be better as it would assure a louder audio.

Waterproof shower speakers

If music is your life and you want to have it in your ears even while you are in shower, you can go for the latest Waterproof bluetooth shower speaker. The advanced technology used in the speaker enables the user to receive calls directly from the speaker and you won’t need to dry up your hands first to press the button to start talking. These water-resistant speakers are built with high water resistant properties which will enable you to use it even amidst torrential rain- and hence a favorite for the adventure enthusiasts.