Image result for BlackBerry Motion coming to more European markets, stars in a new video

The BlackBerry Motion is already available in the Middle East, the UK and the Netherlands. And now, the company has announced the phone will be available in more European markets.

Specifically, the device is coming to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Pre-orders in Germany are set to go live today (October 19), and pricing is set at €469 across the eurozone. Those in Switzerland, however, will have to shell out CHF 489 (around €422).

Meanwhile, a second UK retailer – Carphone Warehouse – has started accepting pre-orders for the BlackBerry Motion. The retailer is asking £399 for the device.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has released a new video for the handset. This is the second video (see first here) featuring the Motion, and focuses on the device build quality as well as software security. Oh, and yes, the company is claiming the phone offers “32+ hours of battery life.”