For those of you looking for any signs of a new BlackBerry being on its way, the first thing to usually pop up is a codename. Sometimes those codenames go nowhere, and sometimes they lead to a new device eventually being released.

A new codename and model number have now started appearing in config files and this time around we’re looking at the name ‘Monet’ with the model number BBJ100 attached to it. Based on the available info, whatever it is, could be coming in multiple variants such as single-SIM and Dual-SIM options but outside of that, nothing seems locked down as of yet.

As always with the codenames and model numbers, it’s all open to speculation until some more solid information comes through but for now, let me know in the comments what you think it is or what you hope it might be or swing by the CrackBerry Forums to discuss it some more where there’s also talk of a new Verizon device variant.