BlackBerry had previously launched the BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition with a few key differences (no pun intended) over the standard KEY2 version that’s currently available. BlackBerry is announcing the device’s US availability.

For starters, this is the KEY2 Red Edition. It’s a totally red version of the KEY2, not to be confused with the KEY2 LE, which was announced back during IFA as a similar-looking Atomic Red color option. The exposed metal parts of the phone are bright red while the QWERTY keyboard remains black and the physical keys are silver.

The Red Edition is made of the same 7000 series aluminum and features all the same specs as before, but the Red edition is the first US variant to come with 128GB of on-board storage. Previously, if you wanted that much internal storage, you had to import the device from Europe. The Red Edition also comes with newly-designed packaging and a pair of red BlackBerry-branded headphones that match the paintjob of the KEY2.

This new edition also debuts a redesign of the BlackBerry Hub+ app with a new look and updated UX. It also adds a new “action bar” to the Hub+ app for quicker access to shortcuts like search, sort, and compose.

You can grab the new KEY2 Red Edition now at Best Buy and Amazon for $699 Unlocked. As a reminder, the unlocked version is compatible with Verizon. This new edition comes at a premium of $50 as the regular price for the Black Unlocked 64GB version of the KEY2 has a regular price of $649 but as of the writing of this post, Best Buy is selling it for $599.

If that price is too steep, there’s always the Atomic Red BlackBerry KEY2 LE which retails at $499, but that one has a slower CPU, lower-cost build materials, 2GB less of RAM, and a smaller 3,000 mAh battery.