Best Smartwatch

Updated: T3’s smartwatch guide now includes the Fossil Q Founder. Head to page 10 to see what we think about it.

It’s 2016 and wearable tech is now undeniably a ‘thing’. The first generationApple Watch launched last year (and wasn’t a complete disaster), Android Wearis on its third generation, and indie developers are popping up on KickStarter every day.

Whether they’re keeping you updated with notifications, feeding you information from apps, making sure you don’t spend too long sat down or just, y’know, simply displaying time, this latest crop of smartwatches is far improved over the previous generations and we’d feel underprepared if we left the house without wearing one.

Google’s Android Wear now works with both iOS and Android headsets, although its functionality is reduced on iOS. The Apple Watch is only compatible with iOS (of course). Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S2 works with Android (and iOS compatibility is imminent). Pebble works across both Android and iOS. Nothing works with Windows Phone. Sorry about that.


[Source:- t3]