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Biometric systems allow you to secure your homes or schools and also record data at the same time. More accurate and simple to use, biometric access control systems are used in various forms.

With the increasing number of identity thefts and fraudulent ID cards, protecting ones identity and finding new ways to make it fool proof is essential. Biometric systems are one of the best ways to protect your data and also ensure there is no error in terms of finding two people with same names or ID numbers that are too close.

Biometric access control systems help you store data in the form of fingerprints which can then be linked to other information of the individuals. While they are most commonly used as a way to record employee behaviour like their entry or exit times and to log in their work hours, Biometric systems can be used in a lot of other places. Here are a few of them.

  • Building Access

This is one of the most common places. Be it residential or commercial buildings, biometric systems provide an easy way to record data or all individuals that enter or exit the building. It could also be programmed to open a gate only once the finger print is recognized thus keeping the space secure from burglars or intrusions. Since biometrics are unique you wouldn’t be able to give access to someone unless there is a reliable individual present to do the same.

  • Blood Banks

Blood banks can use biometric systems to easily store the data linked to a particular person thus avoiding the formalities for having to fill in forms or remembering unnecessary digital codes. Especially in times of emergency a biometric system would help in accessing records much faster than to look through files for all the details.

  • Schools

A lot of schools and universities in UK use a biometric system to record their attendance, for their assessment data, and also in a library. It is like having a card except that you don’t have to carry it around. It will always be there with you. The trend is slowly being adopted across the globe as it is easy to add a fingerprint and continue to add data to the information already stored which would create a proper academic record over the years.

  • Cars

A part of the biometric access system also includes voice recognition which is now used in cars to either control the entertainment system or just simply to start the car. The biometric systems are much robust and help preventing thefts. Since the key to the system cannot be forged easily, Biometric systems can definitely help us keep our data safe.

  • Safes

We’ve seen enough movies where a genius guy hacks into the system, uses a stethoscope or uses the CCTV camera to crack the code to a safe and then poof! All the money is stolen. While it is not all that easy, it isn’t that difficult either. With a number of combinations one could easily crack the code to a safe. With a biometric system it is almost impossible to break into it without your knowledge.

Biometric systems are accurate and can identify even minor differences in the fingerprints used.