Introduction to T3’s best backpacks and laptop bags

Best backpack and laptop bags

Here at T3 we have scoured the vast reaches of tech-luggage-obscurity to find the best backpacks and laptop bags. Whether you’re looking for svelte, business style messengers, high-end designer backpacks or rugged, water-resistant rucksacks, we’ve got you covered.

Both laptops and tablets are getting slimmer and lighter, so they’re important investments that you need to protect. And while a sleeve or cover can be handy at times, nothing screams full-on protection quite like a backpack or laptop bag.

You also need a means of carting around all your chargers, batteries, cameras, e-readers, selfie sticks, and copies of T3 magazine etc. Hence you need a protective bag. Q.E.D.

From stylish to monstrously rugged, these are the bags of gold.


[Source:- t3]