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We live in a world that’s almost entirely controlled by technology. Therefore, instead of letting it control us as well, we might just use it to our advantage and make our lives better and easier.

Of course, traveling has seen a lot of improvement as the technology kept on evolving. Now you can know, from the comfort of our homes, exactly what we should visit and see while in a foreign country or city.

But what if you decide, in a matter of minutes, that you just want to get on the next plane to Dubai and give it a visit? Well, we got your back and provide you with a list of the best apps you should download before visiting Dubai.

The Dubai Mall App

When visiting Dubai, you just can’t stay away from Dubai Mall. It is so big that it needs its own GPS – nothing to be surprised of as you can find around 1200 retail outlets here.

The Dubai Mall App gives you all of the information you need regarding the mall – directions, attractions, and basically where to find what you are looking for. It also comes equipped with search filters that help you find easier the things you need, such as food, clothing, and many more.


If you are in Dubai and want to use Uber – you just use Careem. While you will choose an airport taxi to take you to your hotel, you will rely on Careem after settling in Dubai.

The app is pretty basic – it works just like Uber. If you need a ride, you book one and wait for your Captain to pick you up. Yes, the drivers here are referred to as Captains – and there’s no problem with that; just imagine you are on a ship, sailing into the unknown.


Don’t you just love food? Of course, we all do – and some of us also wish they had an app like Talabat in their country or city. It is basically a food delivery app that lets you choose from hundreds of cafes, fast foods, and restaurants and order food wherever you are in Dubai.

Moreover, it has a 24/7 schedule – so, if you feel like eating something fancy in the middle of the night, Talabat has got your back! Also, if your stay is longer and you find yourself ordering with Talabat on a daily basis, you will also be offered some coupons or deals.

Dubai Calendar

While you are on the way to your hotel in the Dubai airport transfer, we recommend you install the Dubai Calendar app. It is really a must-have on your phone!

The app provides you with all of the information you need regarding Dubai’s life and activities – from cultural happenings to concerts, to sports events and many others. Moreover, if you find an interesting event and you don’t want to miss it, you can buy tickets straight from the Dubai Calendar App.

These were the best apps to have on your phone while visiting Dubai, as they cover most of the basic needs we have when we are traveling. After all, isn’t it wonderful to have everything we want at a touch of the screen?