Students who aim to achieve high-scores experiences exam stress. It is an inescapable part to get through tough situations. Stress can either make your downfall and tear your dreams apart or can drive you to achieve your dreams.

To cope-up with your anxieties, students need to first understand the reason behind their anxiousness and find different ways to reduce their pressure. Here are some of the following tips in order to reduce stress for improving your result:

(i) Stay away from Distraction: During the time of examination, students need to be relaxed in order to have a better understanding of their subjects. Stay away from work and people who disturbs you. Some of the topics in Maths and Science such as Probability, Magnetic Flux, etc. needs a high level of concentration to understand them in a better way.

(ii) Listen to soothing music: The best way to relax can sometimes be music that provides a great relief from stress. Listening to music creates a positive and productive environment which definitely improves the mood and encourage students to study for prolong period.

(iii) Walk around to relax your mind: What can be better other than walking around in nature. Research has shown that exercise such as walking or running early in the morning keeps the body fit and mind relaxed. Thus if one wants to improve their memory and brainpower morning walks are mandatory.

(iv) Have a proper sleep: Many students compromise with their sleep for the preparation which results in severe health-related issues. For some, lack of sleep is a habit. Sleep is the best way to relax our body and mind from whole day routine work and pressure. Also, having a good sleep helps to grasp new information with better concentration for daily task.

(v) Exercise and eat well: Exercise can be the best way to reduce the high level of stress, which has shown guaranteed better results. Exercise improves blood flow resulting in better body and mind functioning.

With exercising, one shall also take a healthy diet during a stressful time for mental well-being. Avoid junk foods such as pizzas, burgers etc. This can risk your health.

(vi) Avoid Social media: Social media are a time-waster and can also be disturbing to some level. In addition, many of the other students will be on the same boat, talking about the things they have studied can also disturb you at a great level. By avoiding social media, one can save a lot more time which can be used for studying many topics for examination.

(vii) Try learning through videos: This method is considered to be the best way of learning. Pictorial learning has a great impact in our mind, which results in retaining the concepts for a long time. Also, study through video lectures and projection technique helps us to understand things in 3-dimensional space and time. Such as if someone is studying linear equation, then he can draw lines and graph in his notebook but if the same is done for a cubic equation for three variables or so, then it is very difficult to relate and understand the things easily. Thus video lectures play a very important role in making concepts clear.

All these techniques can be used to cope up with exam stress in order to perform well in the examination.

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