Battlefield 1 Player Shows Off Impressive Zeppelin Takedown

Battlefield 1 players shows off incredible gameplay that starts with an epic Zeppelin takedown, and ends as one of the most impressive Battlefield moments ever.

Despite experiencing a few small stumbles at launch, Battlefield 1 has been a huge success for EA and DICE. The game surpassed Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline week one sales combined, and continues to perform well despite releasing so close to Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

As with Battlefield games of the past, players in Battlefield 1 are hard at work making epic “Battlefield moments” and hunting for Easter Eggs. One player went all out with an incredible minute-long gameplay that begins with an impressive Zeppelin takedown, and carries on in one of the most amazing displays of in-the-moment Battlefield action to date.

The video, uploaded by YouTuber bmbn mnmbm can be seen below. It’s short, but viewers should try not to blink because there’s a lot to take in during the quick bit of gameplay.


Very few Battlefield 1 players can say they accomplished so much in such a short gameplay. In fact, the accomplishments this player achieved often elude players almost entirely.

The impressive moment kicks off with the player leaping from a plane onto the enemy Zeppelin, which is raining destruction on the map below. The player throws a couple batches of TNT, then lights up the Zeppelin, destroying it and defeating every player contained within. The player then jumps from the blimp, descending under a parachute canopy to the theme of 007.

But this is Battlefield 1, which means this player isn’t quite done. Upon landing, the player opens fire on enemy troops, taking down a handful of enemies, including one with a brutal melee kill with a shovel. The player jumps, dodges, and dives out of harms way, miraculously staying alive for so long through the ordeal.

Finally, the player comes face-to-face with an enemy tank, but after taking down a Zeppelin and a horde of enemies, this player isn’t deterred. Instead, the player pulls the dynamite back out, and blows up the tank, putting a final cherry on the top of an incredible gameplay sundae.


The Battlefield 1 gameplay in the above video is without a doubt some of the most impressive many gamers have seen. Considering Battlefield 1 is still barely a few weeks old, which means there are undoubtedly many more unbelievable Battlefield moments still on the way. But no matter what, this brief bit of action will stand as one of Battlefield 1’s best moments.

What do you think about the Zeppelin takedown and rest of the above gameplay?



[Source:- Gamerant]