2015 was an important year in the terms of the financial sense as well as technology wise. Apple notched up impressive revenue of $234 billion and this trend is set to continue in 2016 with slew of products to be unveiled this fiscal. Every year, people look forward to Apple to bring revolution in sync with the Late Steve Jobs vision for the company. The social media is abuzz with rumors and news circulating about the famous brand and their products. Take a look at the products that are set to be unveiled and get your savings up to ready to splurge.

Apple Watch 2


Apple watch had concerns regarding the battery life and now Apple is working on the bit with expected changes will be able to make the apple watch run for a day. There will be no GPS as sort of but there will be WI-FI enabled alongside being waterproof tool. Facetime might be there for the geeks but sensors for mapping blood or skin conductivity might not be seen in this launch.


[Source:- siliconindia]